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Image taken by Macy Dean Photography

The Couple

Justine is a longtime friend of mine, and I was so happy when she met the lovely Austin! They celebrated their day surrounded by friends and family, and filled the day with prayer. Their wedding took place at our home church where they took communion together.

The Details

Austin and Justine picked these gorgeous dark jewel tones for their wedding. From Justine's gorgeous blue ring to Austin's silly socks, the details made this day one for the ages. The couple even exchanged gifts on the day of their wedding, with Justine giving Austin a journal she'd be writing in for years, and Austin giving Justine a handmade picture frame.

"Macy made me feel relaxed and at ease, she wanted me to feel comfortable and would shoot around that."

This fun-loving couple ended their day by an exit filled with bubbles, and followed it up with a reception at a nearby bowling alley with close friends and family!

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