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Car Wash Session

Delanni by Macy Dean Photography

It's no secret that my model team girls are some of my favorite people on the planet.

For our final session of 2021, we headed to a nearby self-use car wash and prepared to get dirty! The girls wore their best Vintage inspired outfits and showed up with the best attitudes. With their makeup done and outfits perfect, we jumped right into shooting. Now finding the cleanest car wash stall was probably the hardest part of the entire session. It might've been my fault for picking the jankiest car wash, but it also happened to be the least busy (should I have taken that as a hint?!?). After moving around some trash, and some added photoshopping, we got exactly the results that we wanted.

Ella by Macy Dean Photography

Ella showed up in this stunning floral print dress and killed every single pose! After a few dry photos, we finally turned on the water and got SOAKED!

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